Budget cuts and restructuring are common catalysts for redundancies. We assist businesses in Canterbury, Thanet and across Kent who are seeking assistance when they are going through periods of major change.

We can give you comprehensive guidance on a fair procedure and selection process, along with letters for all stages of the process. Our solicitors can also assist with calculating entitlements to statutory redundancy and any other payments.

Redundancy is when an employer has a reduced requirement for employees of a particular kind. It is among the potentially fair reasons for dismissal because it is the job that is being dispensed with rather than the employee personally.

Redundancy is often the result of reduced work but can also occur because of a reorganisation, work being outsourced, or closure of a site. Contrary to popular opinion, employers do not have to show that there is a decrease in work or even a need to save money.

Employers may decide not to make redundancies where there is a reduction in work which they anticipate is only temporary and they do not want to lose their employees. They may in these circumstances wish to lay off employees or put them on short time.

There are various statutory redundancy consultation rules depending on the scale and type of redundancies. Employees must be employed for two years to qualify for a redundancy payment.

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