Employment law advice

Have you been put in an impossible position, made redundant, unfairly dismissed or been asked to sign a settlement agreement (these used to be known as compromise agreements) by your employer?

Feeling uncertain about your future can be very stressful. We can advise and explain, in straightforward English, what your rights are and how you can use them to your advantage. We specialise in giving sensible, timely, practical advice so you can choose the best course of action going forward.

Our employment team can apply their expert knowledge, skills and experience to help resolve the specific issues which you are facing and provide as much or as little help as you require. We recognise that there are various complexities in any employment situation and will analyse the issues and make suitable recommendations to you. Dependent upon the situation, options can involve legal processes or a solution designed to avoid legal conflict, for example mediation.

If you are considering bringing an employment tribunal claim we have many years of experience in this area. Read our page about how much it would cost to bring an employment tribunal claim and how long it will take

There are usually several routes to finding a solution and our team prefer to explore these with you before choosing a way forward.  We aim to ensure that you are comfortable with any specific course of action and that it is the best option to achieve your objectives. If we feel that your objectives are unobtainable we will say so.

Contact us by telephone on 01843 234000 or by using the form on this page and we will quickly help you know where you stand and explain how you can protect your position. We are flexible and accommodating, so if you have any special requirements for meeting your solicitor please mention them to us.