Debt recovery

Like all businesses, yours will benefit from the early collection of money owed to it, as a good cash flow system is an essential factor to ensure success.

Our litigation team has proven experience of recovering debts for clients across all kinds of organisations, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

We work in partnership with you to recover either small or bulk debts, and as an outsider to your business we can:

  • Remain distant and unrelated where it may be difficult or inappropriate for you to do so
  • Defuse awkward situations without you being involved, and
  • Preserve your relationships with good clients by pursuing the debt firmly but tactfully.

Our specialist team is fully trained in all aspects of pursuing debts on your behalf, issuing court proceedings and taking effective action to enforce judgment through both the High Court and county courts.

Access to the latest technology will ensure you receive an efficient and cost-effective service and our flexible procedures can be tailored to meet your needs.

How much does it cost to recover a debt and how long will it take?
Read details of how much you are likely to have to spend and how long it usually takes to recover a debt here

If you choose to work with us you will retain control of each step of the proceedings. We will not take any step that will incur a cost to you without your consent. Costs for each step are kept to a minimum and certain costs are recoverable from the debtor provided they pay in full. Our transparent fee structure will ensure you are clear about the final cost of pursuing a debt.

Debt recovery Pre-Action Protocol (PAP)
Read a summary of the key points  businesses need to take into consideration when pursing debts owed to them by individuals.