Pre-nuptial agreements

A well-constructed pre-nuptial agreement drafted by one of our family lawyers allows couples a degree of self-regulation in their financial affairs and can be viewed as a form of insurance against costly litigation.

The law now takes into consideration well-prepared pre-nuptial agreements. However, English law does not formally recognise pre-nuptial agreements in the way that some other countries do. In those countries, for example, a pre-nuptial agreement will always be upheld by the courts in the case of a divorce of a marriage.

English law operates what is often called a discretionary system of asset distribution on divorce and the courts have to consider a large number of factors when deciding how to reorder or redistribute a couple's assets. Pre-nuptial agreements are not listed as one of these factors.

However in recent years, English Courts have given pre-nuptial agreements weight in a number of cases and treated them as being of significance. The signs are that this is going to be increasingly the position.

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