Wendy BurgessSenior Solicitor

Wendy Burgess

Senior Solicitor

Wendy Burgess has considerable experience of helping people deal with changes in their families following a relationship breakdown and with advanced planning to avoid uncertainty.

You can call Wendy on 01843 269344.

Wendy is known for her clarity of thought and attention to detail. Her calm and warm style regularly gives clients the confidence that they are in the safest of professional hands.

Wendy is accomplished at representing people from a wide range of backgrounds and particularly feels that it is important to be honest and pragmatic with her clients in what can be an emotionally difficult time.

Wendy qualified in 1993 and is an accredited member of the Law Society Advanced Family Law Scheme. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Divorce and civil partnership dissolution
  • Financial settlements
  • Unmarried couple separation and disputes
  • Private children matters
  • Financial provision for children
  • Domestic violence
  • Separation agreements, and
  • Post/pre-nuptial agreements.

Much of Wendy’s work involves resolving challenging family problems and she finds it immensely rewarding to help people find closure and move on to new chapters in their lives.

Some of the matters Wendy advises on are more complex or challenging than typical separations, reflecting her senior solicitor position in our team. Wendy is also experienced in helping her clients maintain a clear focus on the relevant points when there are high levels of emotion.

Examples of financial circumstances Wendy deals with include:

  • Tackling spouses who are attempting to avoid full disclosure of their financial position
  • Spouses who are a long way from being able to agree on issues such as housing needs and pension sharing
  • Issues involving money being owed to other members of the family
  • Beneficial interests in family homes
  • Significant health issues
  • Non-marital pre acquired assets
  • Short marriages
  • Disparity of income, and
  • Maintaining the status quo for the benefit of the children.

Dealing with these types of concerns often requires in-depth analysis of financial means and the involvement of experts such as pension actuaries and surveyors.

When couples separate the welfare of their children is paramount. Examples of children law advice Wendy has recently provided includes:

  • Difficulties with establishing and maintaining contact with children after separation
  • A parent who was concerned about the welfare of their child
  • Situations causing distressing upheaval and disruption to a child
  • Circumstances where there are particular challenges around maintaining good relationships with both parents, and
  • Helping parents agree arrangements rather than them being imposed by a court.

If you are tackling or facing the prospect of disagreements, Wendy will help you deal with them in a dignified manner.

You can hear Wendy talking about how she helps clients when they first get in touch here.

Outside of work Wendy enjoys bike rides round the Thanet coastline, baking and cooking.