Pelvis, Hips

Lesser injuries (£2,000 - £11,000) are generally soft tissue injuries where recovery is expected within two years or injuries resulting in minor or no ongoing disability. Moderate injuries (£11,000 - £34,300) may require surgery, such as a hip replacement, and cause some ongoing symptoms but permanent disability is unlikely.  Fractures needing further surgery (£34,300 - £46,000) resulting in ongoing conditions such as leg instability with further surgery likely to be required in the future. Severe pelvic fractures (£54,200 - £68,700) resulting in ongoing complications such as impotence or ectopic bone formation. Extensive pelvic fractures with complications (£68,700 - £144,800) may involve a ruptured bladder, low back joint dislocation needing spinal fusion or hip injury leading to deformity. Ongoing symptoms include pain, impaired bladder and bowel function, loss of sexual function and complications surrounding childbirth.

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