Stress, Psychological

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have symptoms, such as increased breathing and pulse rate, anger management problems, difficulty in sleeping and easily startled are displayed after experiencing a distressing event. Less severe cases (£3,400 - £7,000) full recovery can be expected within two years with the exception of some minor symptoms. Moderate cases (£7,000 - £20,200) general recovery with some continued symptoms that do not have a significant impact on daily life. Moderately severe cases (£20,200 - £52,400) will result in some, but not a complete, recovery with professional help. The majority of these awards fall towards the lower end of the bracket. Severe cases (£52,400 - £88,200) effects are permanent and will have a significant impact on the persons day to day life.

General Psychiatric Damage

General Psychiatric Damage can be caused by the death of a close relative or abuse by someone the affected person trusts.  Less severe cases (£1,300 - £5,100) can affect day to day activities and sleep, however recovery is generally expected.  Moderate cases (£5,100 - £16,7000) have an impact on the injured person's life however, significant improvement is likely. Moderately severe cases (£16,700 - £48,000) have a significant impact on the injured person's life however, some improvement is expected. Major long-term effects from work related stress would fall into this bracket. Severe cases (£48,000 - £101,400) will result in noticeable problems in the injured persons work and social life and will also affect their relationship with family, friends and other people they come into contact with. There is little prospect of a recovery.

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