Wrists, Elbows


Minor fractures (inc. Colles') or soft tissue injuries (£2,500 - £8,900) which will require a plaster or bandage for several weeks but a virtually full recovery is expected within 1 year. Cases where recovery takes longer will be awarded compensation at the higher end of this bracket. Less severe injuries (£11,000 - £21,400) that result in a some permanent disability, such as pain and stiffness. Significant permanent disability (£21,400 - £34,300) where some movement remains in the wrist. Complete loss of function (£41,700 - £52,500) for example where the joint has been surgical immobilised.


Moderate or Minor injuries (£3,000) includes fractures, tennis elbow syndrome and lacerations. These injuries are not permanent and full recovery is expected within three years with some minor ongoing symptoms. Less Severe injuries (£13,700 - £28,000) cause a loss of function but there is no significant disability, major surgery is not required. A Severely Disabling injury (£34,300 - £48,000).

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