Burns and Scarring

Facial Scarring

Trivial scarring (£1,500 - £3,000) has little effect on the injured person. Less significant scarring, (£3,400 - £12,000) a single scar which can be covered with makeup, or a number of smaller scars that will not have a significant impact on a person's appearance or psychological wellbeing. Significant scarring (£8,000 - £26,300) where plastic surgery has reduced the appearance of scarring but will still be visible at speaking distance. Less severe scarring (£15,750 - £42,400) causing substantial disfigurement that has a psychological impact.  Very severe scarring (£26,000 - £85,300) severe disfigurement where the injured person is typically under 30 years of age and there is a significant psychological impact.

Scarring of the Body

Minor Scarring (£2,000 - £6,800) one noticeable scar, or several minor scars to legs, arms or hands. Significant Scarring (£6,800 - £20,000) one very severe scar or a number of smaller but still noticeable scars. Laparotomy Scar (£7,000 - £8,000) where no internal injury is discovered for exploratory surgery. Burns covering over 40% of the body (£90,000 - £100,000) factors such as the percentage of the body affect, thickness of burns, any lasting disability and cosmetic damage as well as psychological damage will be taken into account for this award.

Dermatitis and Other Skin Conditions

Minor irritation or rashes (£1,500 - £3,500) affecting one or two hands but settling with treatment over a few months. Moderate dermatitis (£7,500 - £10,000) affecting one or two hands for a prolonged period of time, but controlled with treatment and using gloves or certain activities. Significant dermatitis (£12,000 - £16,800) affecting both hands with soreness and cracking for several years and impacting on psychological well-being, personal life and employment.

Damage to Hair

Minor damage or stress related hair loss (£3,400 - £6,500) damage or loss of hair and irritation of the scalp as a result of defective cosmetic treatment or temporary stress induced alopecia. Serious damage (£6,400 - £9,700) as a result of a defective cosmetic treatment causing eczema, dermatitis, a burning sensation to the scalp as well as hair breaking or falling out with thin or slow regrowth. This leads to severe psychological distress impacting daily life.

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