Chest and Lungs

The majority of compensation awarded for these types of injury are mainly due to the affects of an industrial related disease (see Asbestos Disease). Injuries which are as a result of an accident are relatively rare in comparison.

Chest Injuries

Rib fractures or soft tissue damage (up to £3,400) causing pain and short term disability, but a full recovery is expected within weeks. Collapsed lung (£1,900 - £4,500) where a full recovery is expected without any further complications. Toxic fumes/smoke inhalation (£4,500 - £11,000) causing some damage but not impacting on long-term lung function. Simple injury (£11,000 - £15,750) permanent tissue damage, often as a result of a single penetrating wound, but not impacting on long-term lung function. Damage to the chest and lungs (£27,400 - £48,000) resulting in a some ongoing disability. Serious injury to the chest, lungs and/or heart (£57,600 - £88,200) causing physical disability and reducing life expectancy. Removal of lung and/or serious heart damage (£88,200 - £131,600) leaving the injured person with serious prolonged pain and significant scarring.

Lung Disease

Aggravation of bronchitis (£1,900 - £4,600) or other similar chest problems. The symptoms are temporary with a recovery period of a few months.. However, this is generally temporary with a recovery period of a few months. Slight breathlessness (£4,600 - £18,200) will have no significant impact on a person's work or daily life and a full recovery is expected within a few years. Bronchitis or wheezing (£18,200 - £27,400) does not result in any serious symptoms and has little effect on daily life, but does cause some level of anxiety. Breathing difficulties (£27,400 -£48,000) will make the use of an inhaler necessary and smoky environments intolerable, which has an impact on employment and daily life. Recovery is uncertain. Diseases such as emphysema (£48,000 - £61,400) has a substantial effect on lung function, causing ongoing and worsening symptoms such as frequent coughing, problems sleeping and being unable to exercise. This may also impact employment options. Lung cancer (£61,400 - £85,300) generally in an older person resulting in loss of lung function and severe pain. Has a significant impact on quality of life. Lung disease causing serious disability (£88,200 - £119,200), generally in a younger person. A worsening condition likely to result in premature death.


Mild Asthma, bronchitis, colds and chest infections (up to £4,500) usually brought on by poor housing conditions, and can be treated by a GP with a full recovery within a few months. Mild asthma symptoms (£9,300 - £16,800) often caused as a result of exposure to harmful vapours. Bronchitis and wheezing (£16,000 - £23,000) can affect daily life and employment, however a considerable recovery is expected within a few years. Chronic asthma (£23,000 - £37,700) can cause difficulties breathing, making the use of an inhaler necessary and can impact employment options. Recovery is uncertain. Severe and disabling asthma (£37,700 - £57,600) is permanent and greatly impacts on the sufferers personal life by affecting sleep, causing regular coughing, reducing physical exercise and significantly restricting employment prospects.

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