Why make a will?

Your will is an important legal document and needs to be carefully planned and drafted.

Boys & Maughan has been providing high levels of client service to people across Kent for over two centuries and our specialists will ensure that your wishes are made clear.

Why should I make a will?
By making a will you will ensure that the rules of intestacy do not determine who will administer your estate and who inherits your assets. This may not be the people who you would choose.

It is particularly important to make a will if you are not married or in a registered civil partnership. This is because the intestacy rules do not recognise cohabiting partners, even if they have lived together for many years.

Wills can also be drafted to reduce the Inheritance tax payable on your death or protect your assets from being taken to fund care home fees.

What do I need to consider when making a will?
Your will should appoint executors. They will be the people you trust to administer your estate after your death and ensure that the terms of your will are carried out.

Wills aren’t just about passing on your assets. If you have young children, your will should appoint a guardian or guardians to be responsible for their upbringing.

Your will should fully distribute all your assets to your chosen beneficiaries. Gifts can include specific items, such as jewellery or family heirlooms, as well as cash legacies.

You can also record your wishes regarding your funeral and whether you are going to be buried or cremated on your death.

Can I change my will?
Yes, you can amend your will at any time. If you wish to make a small change to your will, a codicil can be added to your existing will recording the change(s). If you wish to make significant changes, a new will can be prepared for you.

Who keeps my will?
There is no central wills store or register of wills. We recommend, therefore, that your will is stored in our strongroom for safe-keeping. We currently hold over 13,000 wills for our clients. There is no charge for storing your will.

Why choose us?

  • We will agree fixed fees with you at the start
  • We are regulated specialist advisers on Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate, Trusts, and Care and Estate Planning
  • Our team includes members of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE)
  • We confirm our advice and your instructions in writing
  • Home visits and evening appointments are available on request
  • No storage fees – we will store your Will securely for free
  • Boys & Maughan has been providing expert local advice for over 200 years.

Need advice?
Contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements if you wish to make a will. We will take your instructions and give you advice on the best way of implementing your wishes before drawing up the will for your approval and signature.