Secured Lending

We act for both lenders and borrowers.

If you are lending money we can advise you on the types of security you should consider. We will prepare the legal documents and negotiate them with the borrower.

If the loan is to be secured over land we will:

  • Look at the title
  • Undertake appropriate searches, and
  • Raise enquiries of the buyer.

If the loan is made we will ensure that it is registered with the appropriate bodies such as the Land Registry and Companies House.

If you are borrowing money we will advise you on the risks of securing the loan against your property. We will check the loan documents and make amendments to minimise the risks to you.

We may also need to deal with other lenders on your behalf – for example if there is already a security on your property such as a mortgage.

If you are borrowing money from a commercial lender such as a bank we will often be able to represent both you and the lender. In these cases the loan paperwork is the standard documentation of the lender and cannot be negotiated. We will advise you on what the documents mean.

Contact us on 01843 234000 or via our enquiry form if you would like our assistance.