Land development and plot sales

Buying and selling land for development requires specialist legal advice as the issues involved are often complex and varied.

You may be a land owner with property that you have agreed to sell to a developer. You will want to achieve the best possible terms on which to sell and may even be considering a joint venture.

Alternatively, you may be a developer with an opportunity to buy a site.

Our solicitors work with sellers and developers of both freehold and leasehold developments and understand the commercial objectives from both perspectives. 

We regularly deal with acquisitions on behalf of buyers where the use of the property will remain the same. We also handle complex work on sites for development.

You can seek our guidance on acquiring developments for investment that are already fully or partially let or on purchasing land for converting into smaller units.

Our team will investigate and advise you on any problems there might be with the property before you commit to the purchase.

There are many issues to consider when buying land for development such as rights of way and access to the site, roads, sewers, drainage, boundaries, planning consent and restrictive covenants which would prohibit or hinder development.

Collateral warranties
A collateral warranty is a secondary contract usually given by main contractors, sub-contractors and professional consultants involved in a construction project.

They warrant the effect of terms in the underlying contracts to which the warranty is collateral. In the case of a warranty given by a main contractor, for example, the underlying contract would be the building contract.

Collateral warranties are commonly granted in favour of developers, funders, tenants, future purchasers and mortgagees of future purchasers of the project.

It is crucial for owners to ensure they have collateral warranties from the professionals who have advised them during the construction of new commercial developments.

Common forms of collateral warranty include standard forms produced by the British Property Federation, Joint Contracts Tribunal and the Construction Industry Council. 

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