Lifetime planning

Planning for your future is very important. Here are some of the things we can advise you on.

Lasting powers of attorney

Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) allow you to appoint a person of your own choosing to administer your affairs in the event of mental incapacity. 

Many families have to cope with a loved one losing their independence and capacity to make decisions through old age, illness or injury. A LPA can be an extremely useful tool in these circumstances, as it will give the power to someone you trust to manage your affairs on your behalf. Find out more about LPAs or contact us for advice. 

Long term care planning

It can be hard to imagine not being able to live in your own home and look after yourself. Planning at the right time to make sure any care you may need in the future is covered without having to sell your home is important for some people. Find out more about arranging a permanent care home place or contact us for advice. 

Living wills

A living will can record your wishes with respect to certain medical procedures that are or are not to be employed on loss of mental capacity ("advanced directive"). Alternatively, a living will can record your beliefs on such procedures for the family to consider should a difficult decision with regard to your health be necessary ("non-advanced directive"). Phone or email us for advice about living wills.

Inheritance tax planning

There are many different ways to minimise the inheritance tax payable on your estate by your beneficiaries, depending on the circumstances. Taking into account your particular situation, the size of your estate and various other factors, we can provide you with a list of options and their pros and cons. Contact us for advice or read details of how inheritance tax works.


A trust is a fund which contains assets that are controlled by you and/or a nominated third party for the benefit of a specific individual or individuals. They are governed by complex legal regulations and separate tax rules. A trust can be set up at any time during the lifetime of an individual to become operative immediately or, not until their death.

Find out more about different types of trusts or contact us for advice.


If you have young children its worth considering appointing guardians to take care of them if you die while they are still young. This is usually done whilst making your will.

Contact us to discuss any questions that you may have about appointing a guardian.