When the unexpected happens

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan which is often when you need sound professional advice to help you focus on what really matters. 

Getting you organised
When things go wrong you need someone with not only legal expertise but also practical experience to advise you on the many options available to you.

You may have a dispute with a neighbour or employer , you may have problems chasing debts or may have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and need to make a claim for compensation.

Setting you off on the right foot
Whatever the details of your dispute, our litigation team will ensure that you get everything in place to make your claim as soon as possible.

Keeping things moving
We will use our experience to make sure that matters progress in a timely manner but not so fast as to overlook important issues for all parties concerned.

Explaining each step
Your named and dedicated lawyer will help you along the way by explaining everything that you need to know in straightforward, everyday language.

The bigger picture
Your main focus will, understandably, be on your dispute. Our job is to think about the wider implications – for example, would mediation be a better alternative than litigation, or do you need to make or revise your will to reflect any decisions and changes you are about to make?

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