Karen PerreauSenior Solicitor

Karen Perreau

Senior Solicitor

Karen Perreau specialises in child care and family law matters, with over 22 years experience in care proceedings. You can call Karen on 01843 269336.

Karen, originally from New Zealand,  moved to the UK in 2001. Karen practiced in London, specialising in care and adoption proceedings before joining Boys and Maughan in January 2023.  

She has extensive experience dealing with complex cases involving issues such as  alleged non-accidental injuries, factitious illness, substance/alcohol misuse, chronic neglect, domestic abuse and controlling and coercive control.  Karen has also conducted cases involving Deprivations of Liberty, forced marriage protection orders and female genital mutilation.

Karen has a straightforward, friendly demeanour, and puts people at ease while representing them at perhaps one of the most stressful times they may have encountered.

Away from the office Karen enjoys spending time walking and gardening.