Whiplash injuries

In essence, whiplash is a soft-tissue neck injury that occurs when the ligaments in the neck are overstretched by a sudden forward, backward or sideways movement of the head.

Typical whiplash symptoms include:

  • Pain ranging from relatively mild discomfort to intense pain.
  • Muscle spasms, pain in the shoulders and headaches.
  • Stiffness and a temporary loss of movement in the neck.
  • Dizziness, vertigo or ringing in the ears.

It is not unusual for whiplash symptoms to appear several hours after an accident. While many of the symptoms of whiplash are short-lived some may be longer lasting.

The symptoms of whiplash can be particularly difficult for those with physical jobs that involve driving, lifting or carrying.

Claiming Whiplash Injury Compensation
Whiplash injury compensation is important because it helps you to restore the balance and get back to normal, physically and financially. To cope with and get past the pain and physical damage of whiplash you may need physiotherapy, which raises the question, who will pay for that?

Our expert personal injury lawyers can guide you on the type of care, support and compensation that you'll need.

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