Michael KendrickAssociate Legal Executive

Michael Kendrick

Associate Legal Executive

Michael Kendrick is a child care and family law specialist.

Michael has represented clients in Court on many occasions and has been described as being both approachable and knowledgeable. Michael has represented victims of abuse, vulnerable adults, parents in prison and those who have may have learning disabilities and/or struggle with mental health issues.

Michael has worked in family law for over ten years and has a wide range of experience within both Public Law (such as Pre-Proceedings Meetings and Care Proceedings) and Private law (such as legal disputes between parents over issues such as Residence and Contact).

Michael Kendrick can assist with:

  • Circumstances where parents are involved with social services (Pre-Proceedings Meetings, Child Protection and Child In Need)
  • Public Law Proceedings (Care Proceedings) representing parents and other parties such as “Intervenors” or Grandparents who are made party to proceedings
  • Special Guardianship Order Applications
  • Placement Order & Adoption order Applications
  • Proceedings relating to the return of a child in foster care to a parent – Discharge of Care Order
  • Proceedings relating to contact with a child in foster care
  • Private Law Children work (Contact and Residence disputes, Prohibitive Steps and Specific Issue applications) and
  • Injunctions under the Family Law Act.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Michael, his number is 01843 234000.